“Audience didn’t like my offbeat films“ - Ravi Teja


“Audience didn’t like my offbeat films“ - Ravi Teja

31 Jan, 2018

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s latest film ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ is releasing soon and the star spoke to the media…

How is this police role different from your other films?

All my previous cop roles were serious but in this film, its a fun role with my own style

Weren’t you doubtful about the debut director?

He is not new to direction as he’s already worked as an assistant director for several films. I trusted him and so there’s never any chance for worry. He proved me right

Tell us about the heroine?

Seerat Kapoor played a modern girl in the film and dominates my character a bit. There’s good fun in Raashi Khanna’s character

About your Music director? Our music director Preetham Chakravarti runs a music company by the name ‘Jam8’ and we took the songs from them. Mani Sharma scored the BGM for the film

Will you attempt new subjects soon?

My previous films ‘Na Autograph…’, ‘Neninte’ and ’Shambho Shiva Shambho’ are not quite mainstream but the audience didn’t like them and so they did not do commercially well. That’s why I’m making films in my own style. The new age audience have changed quite a bit and I’ll surely attempt a new hit

Will you make films in other languages?

I’m totally fine with making other language films but waiting for the right subject

When’s the film with Puri Jagannadh?

Currently, both of us are busy so the film might not happen this year but will surely do it next year.

Your next projects?

I’m making a film with Mr.Krishna and 25 percent of the shoot is already done. I’ve also signed a film with Srinu Vaitla.

When will you direct your film?

Not anytime soon but If I ever direct, I won’t be acting in it. I’ll cast a new star

What would you say about the film?

This is a full-time family entertainer and family and kids can enjoy the film wholeheartedly

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