Allu Arjun's Visit Helped Our Film- Lover Day producers Gururaj, Vinod Reddy


Allu Arjun's Visit Helped Our Film- Lover Day producers Gururaj, Vinod Reddy

10 Feb, 2019

Malayalam heroine Priya Prakash latest film Oru Aadhar Love is being dubbed and going to release in Telugu by the producers Gururaj and Vinod Reddy. The movie is going to release on 14th February. On the occasion of the movie release, The producers spoke to media.

What is the main reason to select this film?
With the movie interest only we have bought this film and dubbed in Telugu in a huge competition. We are very confident about the movie success with was shot with all newcomers. Priya Prakash had huge craze in Telugu.

Are you confident about the film?
When the director called to watch the film after the completion of the first copy, We were feared. But after watching the film we got huge confidence. That's why we have promoted the film on a high scale.

Is this film to youth only?
Not only youth, Everyone can watch the film. 60 year age group people can also enjoy watching the film. Everyone gave their best in the film.

You were emotional in this pre-release event?
I like Allu Arjun and his presence in my movie event made be emotional on the pre-release event. I should thank him once more. Bunnys presence helped us for the movie promotions.

How is your pre-release business?
It is very well.10 to 15 members came forward from one area. Some recommendations had come to buy the film. No tension about the film business.

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