“Akhil will surpass his dad and grandfather as a hero” - Chiranjeevi


“Akhil will surpass his dad and grandfather as a hero” - Chiranjeevi

21 Dec, 2017

Akhil's upcoming love action entertainer ‘Hello’ has finished all the post-production work and is slated for a release on 22nd December. The film held a promotional event yesterday while Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan attended the event.

Director Vikram K Kumar said “The film is releasing on 22nd and I hope everyone likes it“

Anup Rubens said “Thank you for making the audio a hit and the film is also going to score a hit. I’m happy to have done 50 films under Annapurna Studios banner“

Samantha said “Hello is releasing on 22nd and the teaser and songs are really good. The Akhil I know is in the film. He’s got his father’s looks and mother’s grace. Kalyani is looking really good. Anup’s music is magic. Annapurna Studios is ready for another hit“

Naga Chaitanya said “Akhil does fights and dance with ease. Vikram is my favorite director and I’m waiting for December 22nd“

Ram Charan said “God has blessed me with such a family. Mr.Nagarjuna was also happy after watching Akhil. Mr.Nagarjuna has watched the film and gave a good verdict, I’m going to watch it tomorrow“

Nagarjuna said “I’m content after watching this event. Our family is very happy towards Vikram. Anup Rubens, Cameraman and Kalyani have all done the film with much love. Mr.Chiranjeevi has agreed to attend the event as I asked him to come, bless Akhil. Samantha is always lively and Naga Chaitanya has a good heart. Akhil and Ram Charan have become god friends. I’m filled with joy when Akhil was singing and dancing.“

Megastar Chiranjeevi said “I share an intimate bond with the Akkineni family. The title ‘Hello’ is perfectly apt for the film. I’ve seen the film and is a fantastic clean love story. Every scene is amazing and I was moved to tears at some. Vikram has done a fantastic job. Mother and father sentiment is amazing and the fans will love the action part. Akhil’s matured performance is amazing and Hello will be a heart touching film for many. Akhil will surpass his father and grand father as a hero. Anup’s music is good and Kalyani’s acting as well. The film will be a super hit and I’ll be there for the success meet as well”

Amala said “I’m also waiting eagerly for 22nd December, along with the fans“

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