About to make a Century!


About to make a Century!

13 Apr, 2017

Star heroes never experiment with their movies to secure their commercial market and retain mass fans. In fact to be appreciated as an actor one should play a variety of roles and justify them. It was possible only with a great actor,  ANR and is followed by his son Nagarjuna now.

Nagarjuna who impressed the audience with his full mass entertainers like "Vikram", "Vikki Daada", "Kirayi Dada", "Hello Brother", "Varasudu" crossing devotional blockbusters, " Annamayya"," Sri Ramadasu", "Shiridi Sai" and is now acting in "Om Namo Venkatesaya".

Every commercial hero dreams for a mass image which showers returns to the producers. Class movies have restrictions in them. Although it is a known fact to a hero like Nagarjuna still says yes to movies like "Annamayya". When he signed for "Annamayya", the critics said,  he won't suit the role but Nagarjuna has, in turn, showed his talent with the movie's success. The reason for "Sri Ramadasu","Shirdi Sai" is his father ANR who made versatile action in "Vipranarayana", BakthaTukaram" etc. Nagarjuna has completed 30 years of his career in the industry whose sons have also begun their careers. His recent role as Bangaru Raju reflects his youngness and "Soggade Chinni Nayana" is the biggest hit in his career. As a hero, he has completed 95 movies and will definitely make a century in two years!

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