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RX 100

RX 100

| A | 2 hr 3 min
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  • Release Date: 12 Jul 2018
  • Language: Telugu





The story of the film is based in a rural village of Godavari and Shiva(Karthikeya) is a rugged head who falls in love with Indhu(Payal Rajput).

Music of the film is good but the songs disturb the flow of the film. The background score is apt and nicely elevates the film.

Coming to the director Ajay, he has done a pretty decent job with his film. His writing is good and narration for the most part of the film is impressive.

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Times Of India


Ajay Bhupathi’s RX 100 at its core, is a straightforward story of love, deceit, and heartbreak. But the film is stretched beyond its potential with over-the-top melodrama, blood, and gore.

When a city-bred girl comes home to her village, she falls for the macho village boy and asks him out. As a passionate romance brew, the guy falls madly in love with her

RX 100 has sex, tears and a lot of blood, but the essence of the film is somewhere lost in between. Just like that RX 100 bike which is in focus all the time, but in reality, is insignificant.

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ఆర్‌.ఎక్స్ ’10’

శివ (కార్తికేయ‌) ఓ అనాథ‌. డాడీ (రాంకీ) ద‌గ్గ‌రే పెరుగుతాడు. డాడీ కూడా రాంకీని ప్రాణానికి ప్రాణంగా చూసుకుంటుంటాడు.

కార్తికేయ కు న‌టించే ఛాన్సు దొరికింది. కండ‌లు పెంచిన దేహంతో ఆక‌ట్టుకున్నాడు. ఫైట్లు చేయించే ఛాన్సు ఉన్నా… యాక్టింగ్ స్కిల్స్ చూపించ‌డానికే ఆ పాత్ర‌ని వాడుకున్నాడు.​​​​​​​

కొన్ని ఘాటైన స‌న్నివేశాలు చూపిస్తే యువ‌త‌రం థియేట‌ర్ల‌కు వ‌చ్చేస్తుంది అనుకోవ‌డం పొర‌పాటు. అలాంటి ఘాటు కావ‌ల్సిన వాళ్ల‌కు కావ‌ల్సినంత చిట్టి పోట్టి ఫోనుల్లోనూ, ఇంట‌ర్నెట్‌లోనూ బోలెడంత దొరికేస్తుంది. ​​​​​​​

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Honestly Poor

The story is routine and predictable which even a common moviegoer can guess. 

Indhu (Payal Rajput) falls in love with Shiva (Karthikeya) at the first sight. She makes all the moves and finally gets what she wants. Vishwanatham (Rao Ramesh),   

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The movie RX100 is a romantic entertainer with an interesting twist. The movie shifts from present to flashback and takes us on an exciting ride. 

Ajay Bhupathi is the writer and director of the movie. He has penned an intense love story for the film which is different from what all we have seen in the recent times.

Karthikeya is a new hero to the Tollywood who is sure to have a long way to go. His performance in the movie is indeed a remarkable one in his career. 

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Raw, intense & male centric

Karthikeya has some raw looks and those looks were used effectively for the role. He has shown intensity whenever required. Payal Rajput is good and has performed uninhibitedly in some steamy scenes. Rao Ramesh is an asset to the movie and does an excellent job in few scenes in second half. Ramki plays his part convincingly.

Cinematography by Raam is very good and explores both dry landscapes and green fields effectively. Songs scored by TuneMeOne (Chetan Bharadwaj) are nice. Art direction is realistic. Editing is neat.Action sequences are raw Production values are apt. 

RX 100 is not a film for everybody, but has enough content to attract youth and masses to theaters so that it works at box office. On a whole, RX 100 is a raw and intense love story that satisfies the target audiences.

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