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  • Release Date: 27 Sep 2018
  • Language: Telugu





Though they are so many star actors in the film, every character has their own importance in the film. Like Gangster brothers, Aravinda Swamy, Simbu and Arun Vijay have delivered stupendous performances

After all, it is Mani Ratnam's film and has his mark love stories and romance in the film. The love stories are beautifully handled between the leads. 

The first half of Nawab is good and steady. The film is star-studded and each one of them made their presence with amazing performances.

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Prakash Raj as Bhupathi Reddy is nice. He delivers a splendid performance in this role. Arvind Swamy as Varadha is very intense. He yet again proves his mettle and his acting capabilities in this Maniratnam directorial.

Songs composed by A R Rahman are nice and catchy. Though it is a dubbed movie, lyrics are written convincingly by Sirivennela Seetharama sastry. 

Nawaab is a story of three brothers who try to claim his father’s position. First half takes to setup the characters and premise and it is done interestingly with the help of superb score and visuals.

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Arvind Swamy is pretty good as the bad man Varada. Actor Suresh's voice didn't suit his character though. Vijay Sethupathi plays a supporting role but steals the show with his witty remarks and intense performance. 

Mani Ratnam has recovered from Cheliya's mishap and delivers a commanding film that has his stamp all over. He presented it in a new style with sharp cuts and songs are brilliantly woven into the film without taking up additional run time. Mani Ratnam made sure to keep the pace up in spite of a grim setting.

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'Nawab', starring an array of actors, is a crime saga directed by Mani Ratnam.  Dubbed from Tamil, it hit the screens this Thursday.

What works the best in 'Nawab' is the perfect casting. The intense scene set on a ship in Dubai where Simbu taunts and tempts Arun Vijay to join forces is charged.  

'Nawab' comes with authentic performances and a deft technical output.  There are scenes that delve into the minds of its characters. 

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