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Gautham Nanda

Gautham Nanda

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  • Release Date: 28 Jul 2017
  • Language: Telugu


Ghattamaneni Gautam, a billionaire playboy takes the most things in life for granted and misses out on very fine things in life. This builds up his ego to a point of no return and during a private party, Gautham gets offended in public. Frustrated and In a spur of the moment, Gautam drives out his expensive car into Nanda. Nanda and Gautam are look-alikes and hail from totally different financial backgrounds. Gautam and Nanda swap their lives for different experiences and what realizations were they able to achieve forms the rest of the story.

Gautam Nanda is a stylish action/drama that can be enjoyed by your friends or by self. Watch Gautam Nanda for Gopi Chand’s stylish avatar and beautifully picturized songs between Hansika, Gopi Chand, and Catherine Theresa.