Dhanraj seems confident about Devi Sri Prasad

14 Nov, 2017

Actor Dhanraj, who is known for his comedy roles as well as emotional characters, stays confident about his upcoming release ‘Devi Sri Prasad’. The star said “Puja Ramachandran played the main role in the film Devi Sri Prasad. Manoj Nandan is Prasad, Bhupal is Devi and I’m Sri in the film. 13 other heroines rejected the film until we found Pooja Ramachandran. Pooja immediately agreed to do the film in which she plays Leela Rama Chandran. The whole story is centered around 6 characters and was almost entirely shot inside a mortuary room. Unlike everyone wondering if this is a vulgar film, this is not. I played a mortuary van driver in the film“.

He added “This is a youth film and not a vulgar one. Director Sri Kishore has directed the film with precise planning and finished the shoot in just 15 - 20 days. Stars like Tarun and Prince have come forward to promote the film personally. After we fixated on the title of ‘Devi Sri Prasad’, the popularity grew and we didn’t, in any way bring disrespect to the name. After watching the film, you’ll believe that Dhanraj can play any sort of character”

Devi Sri Prasad is presented by Yaswanth movies and produced by RO creations. Dhanraj’s Devi Sri Prasad, along with London Babulu is releasing on 17th November.

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