Hyper Adi repels to RGV’s Tweet

11 Jan, 2018

Renowned Jabardasth star Hyper Aadi repelled to a tweet from director Ram Gopal Varma, who is always under the limelight of controversies for stating his opinion. The director tweeted the following about Pawan Kalyan’s recent flick Agnatavasi, saying “I never saw a PULI who is so tooth less and so claw less and I am simply stunned at how it’s stripes keeps changing and the the most shocking is instead of jumping this PULI just crawls“. While this tweet might have really angered some fans, Hyper Aadi was quick to retort by saying ‘Adigo Tella Kaaki Ante Idhigo Pilla Annatlundi Viridarni Chusthe...!!!’

Apart from all the buzz around the film, Agnatavasi has reportedly grossed a good 60 crores worldwide for its Day 1 collections and achieved the Non - Bahubali record for a Telugu film.

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