“We can stand the Sankranthi race” - C.Kalyan

04 Jan, 2018

Nandamuri Balakrishna - K.S.Ravi Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Jai Simha’ is closing in on the release date on 12th January and producer C.Kalyan spoke to the press about the film…

Tell us about Jai Simha?

The product is almost finished and we are sending the film to a censor today and planning for a release on 12th January. Tell us about Balakrishna I thank him heartily for his cooperation without which, the film wouldn’t have been possible. Along with Mr.Balakrishna, Nayanatara, Prakash Raj and Hari Priya’s characters in the film are very important. The characters will be remembered even after exiting the theatres

How about Balayya - Nayan chemistry?

Theirs is a successful combination and will be proved again this time. Nayanatara didn’t have dates and said it wouldn’t be possible initially. However, after listening to the story, she adjusted the dates to get on board. Their track will be loved by both the male and female audiences

How was K.S.Ravi Kumar’s work?

He crafted the film as per our pre-visualization and prove himself again this time.

Did the budget explode?

Yes. Though we wanted to make the film on a big scale already, the production cost blew up further. The output matched up to the huge budget as well

There are other films in the Sankranthi race right?

Yes, there is competition but the film has the ability to stand the race. The film is a full-length mass and commercial entertainer that will appeal to all sects of the audience

The highlight of the film?

We’ve shot an episode in Kumbhakonam in which 2000 Purohits acted in the scene. This episode, along with another flashback scene in Vizag are going to be major highlights of the film. Also, the climax episode is such that it would receive a standing ovation

Your next films?

Currently, Sai Dharam Tej - Vinayak’s ‘Intelligent’ is being filmed and is releasing on 9th February. I’m also making another film titled ’1945’ with Rana

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