“Sapthagiri LLB is an honest film” - Sapthagiri

06 Dec, 2017

Sai Celluloid Cinematic creations is coming up with ’Sapthagiri LLB’ a Telugu remake of the Bollywood flick Johnny LLB. After delivering a hit with Sapthagiri Express, actor/comedian Sapthagiri is all set for another hit. Produced by Dr.Ravi Kiran and directed by Charan Lakakula, the film is releasing tomorrow and hero Sapthagiri shared his experiences in the interview below…

What’s the story?

Our constitution implies that regardless of their social status, every individual shares equal rights in the country. This is the story of a small-time lawyer who fights for the rights of the people. The story will surely be heart touching.

Who’s Idea was it to remake?

Both I and my producer chose to remake the film into Telugu. I’ve acted in 75 films as a comedian and there’s barely any variation in my characters. So, I wanted to try something honest and Sapthagiri LLB was made. While Sapthagiri Express was dedicated to the police, Sapthagiri LLB is dedicated to all the lawyers.

Tell us about the film?

The film runs mainly on emotions and my comedy is entertaining at the same time. The Hindi version has more songs and we replaced them with commercial elements. The film’s last 45 minutes are sure to captivate the audience to their seats.I’ve worked as an assistant director for 7 years and became a comedian by pure chance. Also, after acting in 75 films, I developed an ideology. With this ideology, I tried to present a film that is honest and hopefully entertains the audience.

About Director Charan Lakkakula?

Charan Lakkakula is the senior most co-director and I wanted to work with someone who is aware of artists and their dates. since Mr.Charan has a 25 years experience in the field, he was able to pull off the film on time.

You seem to dance well?

Well, I get a certain buzz whenever I hear a piece of music. I trained this urge into proper dance by working under a dance choreographer. You be the judge of my dance performances in the film. I’ve met with several lawyers to spell the sections correctly during the courtroom scenes

About Producer Dr.Ravi Kiran?

Dr.Ravi Kiran became a successful director after his first film. He is into films, not because to make a few quick bucks but to earn a good name for his brand of films. He never compromised in the production values of the film.

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