“I knew about Cheliya’s failure beforehand” - Karthi

26 Nov, 2017

Known for his versatile roles, Karthi gained a dedicated fan base for his films. He is striking back in cop/drama ‘Khakee’ this weekend and here is a personal interview with the star…

What did you like about the script?

I loved the script the moment director Vinod had narrated me. The story is based on real-life events of the 90’s and we portrayed them as real as possible.

What was your part of the research for the film?

I went and met with a police officer and learned about the real story behind our script. He was the one who actually investigated the case and we spoke about for a good 4 hours. 

How did the police character you played affect you?

My respect for the police department has definitely increased after shooting for the film. I look at cops with a new level of admiration than I used to before.

How was Rakul in the film?

Rakul plays my wife in the film. This is first such character for her. Rakul’s character provides a breather in this otherwise serious cop drama.

Does the film have commercial elements?

The story is based on real-life events and there are a plenty of commercial aspects in it. I play a D.S.P in the film and sport a stylish look.

What are the factors that caused Cheliya to flop?

While I heard the script itself, Mani Ratnam assured me that it is an experimental film. Its a tremendous experience to work with Mr.Mani Ratnam and I learned a lot while working with Mani Sir.

What’s the difference between the cop in Singham and Khakee?

The cop in Singham is built according to the story whereas, in Khakee, I play a more realistic cop with serious emotions.

What films were you offered after Oopiri?

After Oopiri, I heard a script but things didn’t work out. No script excited as much as Oopiri did.

What happened to your film with Vishal Prabhu Deva?

Due to some unforeseen reasons, the film was postponed.

Your opinion about Mr.Kamal Hassan entering politics?

Mr.Kamal Hassan is a man of great wisdom. I think the situations forced him to take up politics.

Your next projects?

I’m making a film under a village backdrop. I’ll be doing a love story after that and Rakul Preet is playing the lead in this film too.

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