“I’ll sign films if the story is apt” - Sree Vishnu

06 Dec, 2017

With his recent film ‘Mental Madilo’, hero Sree Vishnu has won accolades for his performance in the film. He’s also bagged a good hit with the film and opened up about himself in the interview below…

How are you enjoying the success?

Success always feels good and I feel the same. It’s very encouraging for an actor to see his performance get well recognised. This film collected the most money in my career yet, while still in theatres.

How did the film happen?

While filming ‘Appatlo Okadundevadu’, Mr.Raj Kandukuri sent director Vivek to me for a story narration. After the first 10 minutes, I said I’m signing the film.

How did the celebs like the film?

Everybody liked the film and some more than others! The story is pretty simple and there is a bit of a magic in the screenplay.

How’s the audiences’ response?

I’ve been watching the film with the audience since the premier show and their response has been good throughout. Especially the scenes between me and Shivaji Raja and the love track seems to be really entertaining.

How was it working with two heroines at the same time?

I speak rarely to the heroines. The actresses’ in my previous films have been from North and I wasn’t able to communicate well. Since the heroine in this film is from South, I’ve had an easy time and helped better the ease of my performance.

Do you suggest any changes in the script?

Writers write with a lot of love and care. Only when there is a group brainstorming, I pitch in my ideas.

What kind of scripts will you accept in the future?

There’s no particular genre I’m aiming for. If I really like the script, I’m ready to take up any story.

What’s your next film?

’Needi Naadi oke katha’ is ready for release and another film ‘Tippra Mesam’ with Sura director Vijay is currently filming. Also, I’m shooting for ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantarayalu’.

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