‘Satya Gang’ in the last schedule

05 Feb, 2018

Introducing Satwika Ishwar as the hero and produced by renowned Kurnool politician/Industrialist Mahesh Khanna ’Satya Gang’ is an upcoming film. Fused with entertainment and a good message, the film is currently in its final schedule and scenes involving Satwika Ishwar, Suman and Suhasini are being canned

Mahesh Khanna said “‘Satya Gang’ is a fun entertainer weaved around the message of abolishing orphans in the society. Debutant Satvik Ishwar has a good future and within a week’s shoot, the film will be finished. Post-production is being done in parallel and are planning to launch the audio soon”

Pratyush, Harshita, Suman, Suhasini, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Shafi, Jeeva, Vinod and Mahesh Khanna are playing other key roles in the film

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