‘Gang’ is based on a true incident - Surya 

08 Jan, 2018

Tamil Star Surya’s super hit Tamil film ‘Tana Serenda Kutam’ is releasing in Telugu as ‘Gang’ and the star spoke to the press…

Tell us about your ‘Gang’?

This is a special film for me that reminded me of my childhood days and I feel like I’ve attempted a fresh film after a long time What’s the film about? The film is based on a huge robbery events that happened during 1980. Also, the film addresses a major problem in India.

Is this a complete remake of ’Special 26’?

The subject is the same but the way director Vignesh has treated the film is different.

What inspired you to make the film?

The way director Vignesh narrated me the story and how he designed the characters and scenes around them are what inspired me the most. Everything the director does is new and that’s exactly why I’ve okayed the film

How was it working with veteran actors like Ramya Krishna and Karthik?

That’s a great experience and I’ve learned a lot from Mrs.Ramya Krishna and Mr.Karthik. When it came to reciting a 4-minute dialogue, Mr.Karthik has done it in a single take! It was also great working with the legendary comedian Mr.Senthil

How was it dubbing for the role?

Telugu is the most beautiful language among the Indian languages and I fell happy to be dubbing the language. It took me 8 days to finish dubbing for the Tamil version but finished the Telugu dubbing in about 4 - 6 days. I’ll surely improve on my Telugu in the future

What’s the backdrop for the film?

There’s no one particular backdrop for the film as it spans across Vizag, Hyderabad and Chennai

How is it, competing with films like Agnyathavasi and Jai Simha?

There’s no competition, as Mr.Pawan Kalyan and Mr.Balakrishna are top stars here. Also, If Agnatavasi is releasing on the 10th, my film is releasing on the 12th. Since this is a festive season, there shouldn’t be a problem

What are the other highlights in the film?

Vignesh’s taking and Anirudh’s music are going to be a highlight of the film.

Your next project?

I’m making a film with Selva Raghavan in which, Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet are playing the female lead and then I’ll be making a film with Mr. K.V.Anand

What about films with Hari and Vikram?

They are still in the discussion and we can only announce it once the talks are materialized

How was it working with UV creations?

It was very good and seems like there are many theatres in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Your views on Tamilnadu politics?

Currently, Mr.Kamal and Mr.Rajnikanth are entering politics and we’ll have to wait and see the consequences. I believe that Tamilnadu is going to see great leaders again.

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