Top 5 floor moments in Tollywood

Tollywood cinema is a vibrant feast of songs, fights and racy hero introductions. Apart from this, the art of choreography and song composing has evolved on par with other Indian film industries. Floor moments has become the norm in Tollywood as it fuses several dance styles like B-boying, krumping, locking and so on.Some of the best dancers in Tollywood fuse their own personality into their moves and you just can’t look away from their mesmerizing performances. Here is a curated list of 5 best floor movements from Tollywood.


Jr.N.T.R carries the legacy of his grandfather, late Mr.Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao as an actor but he also trained extensively in dance and other performance arts. Tarak was already a professional Kuchipudi dancer by the age 15 and won several awards for his performances on live stages. His floor moment in Yamadonga was an absolute jaw-dropper at the time and is one of the best movements till date.

Star - Jr.N.T.R

Song - Nachore Nachore

Film - Yamadonga (2007)

Choreographer - Prem Rakshit

Allu Arjun 

Allu Arjun made a name for himself with just his 2nd film and is one of the best entertainers. Despite being a star kid, Allu Arjun trained himself in acrobatics and gymnastics between the age of 6 -7. He credits all his mind-blowing dance moves and flexibility to his decade-long training in gymnastics. In his 2009 sequel, Aarya 2, Allu Arjun’s backward knee movement in the song ‘My love is gone’ is a crowd puller for the fans.

Star - Allu Arjun

Song - My love is gone

film - Aarya 2(2009)

Choreographer - Master Ram

Ram Charan 

Being the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan’s Magadheera was released among huge expectations and his dance is expected to be top notch. Ram Charan exceeded the expectations with Magadheera which had some of the best moves of the star’s career. Chiru’s cameo dance in the song ‘Bangaru Kodi Petta’ and Ram Charan’s imitation of it saw the crowd go absolutely bonkers!

Star - Ram Charan

Song - Bangaru Kodipetta

film - Magadhera(2009)

Choreographer - Prem Rakshit


Nitin was born to a famous producer and Nizam distributor Sudhakar Reddy and was immediately drawn in by the magic of cinema. He debuted in Jayam (2002) and grew as an actor and performer. For his 2007 film Takkari, Nitin went through an amazing body transformation with a six pack and his dance moves for the song ‘Ammi Ammi’ were just hypnotizing. Almost every dancer at the time tried to mimic the moves at least once.

Star - Nitin

Song - Ammi Ammi

Film - Takkari (2007)

Choreographer - Amma Rajasekhar

Ram Potineni 

Ram shined on the silver screen with his debut Devadasu (2006) with director Y.V.S.Chowdary. Ram was absolutely energetic throughout the film and his dance moves were immediately recognized by the crowds. The star’s attitude adds as a compliment for his dance moves making him a distinct dancer among other Tollywood dancers.

Star - Ram Potineni

Song - Chillout

film - Endukante Pramanta (2012)

Choreographer - Ganesh and Prem Rakshit

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