Hallmark of Tollywood epics- S.S.Rajamouli

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On 10th October 1973, in a small town of Raichur, Karnataka, S.S Rajamouli was born. HIs father K.Vijayendra Prasad was already a well-established writer but has been waiting to get his name in the rolling credits. Despite being born in a large family and related to movies since generations, Rajamouli seemed uninterested in anything. Right after his education in Eluru, Rajamouli joined Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao as an assistant editor for films. Rajamouli was immersed in films and especially, mythological genre stuck a cord with the young film buff. He further delved into the tales of Mahabharata and Ramayan with Amar Chitra Katha and other sources of entertainment.Rajamouli joined the film business in his early 20’s, only to avoid being scolded by his father. He slowly found his passion for direction and there’s no turning back since then.

Rajamouli joined under Gangaraju’s wing after Little soldiers and learned about the amount of work and diplomacy involved in the film industry. The director, along with Chandrasekhar Yeleti pitched a few TV spots to K.Raghavendra Rao and made his first earning through a TV commercial. He then went on to direct a T.V serial Shantinivasam. A family drama produced by K.Raghavendra Rao. Raghavendra Rao still remembers Rajamouli working for 17 hours straight and calls him ‘Pani Rakshasudu’. After 18 months of unimaginable struggle, Rajamouli proved endurance to direct his first film, Student.No.1

Student.No.1 was a super hit and Rajamouli went on to do more films that would be forever successful through 15 years of his illustrious career. Simhadri, Chatrapati, Vikramarkudu, and Magadheera were Rajamouli’s best works and found themselves a huge national audience. Rajamouli is closely associated with his father, K.Vijayendra Prasad in penning down his films and credits half of his success to his father.Rajamouli’s brother M.M.Keeravani is a renowned music director and his wife Rama Rajamouli is the costume designer for all of Rajamouli’s films. After years of endurance and delivering sure shot hits, Rajamouli finally geared up to satisfy his most ambitious project yet, The Baahubali saga.

Baahubali began its production in 2013 and soon came to light as the most expensive film series to be produced in India. The film gained huge momentum with its promotions of first look posters, music, and trailer. On 10th July 2015, Baahubali was released across 4000 screens across the world and collected 75crores within 24 hours!! The film was already branded a modern epic and the effect only blew up since then. Baahubali ended up collecting 518 crores across all languages in India and was a national phenomenon. Baahubali 2 was already in production at the time, carrying humongous expectations. Baahubali 2: The conclusion released on 28th April across 9000 screens! The film grossed 217 crores on its first day and a total of 1700 crores by the end of time. This is still, the first and highest grossing Indian film till date.

Rajamouli reached a new height, where a considerable few dare to climb and paved way for a new wave Indian cinema. Baahubali was screened across South Korea, Russia, Paris, and Mauritius and is still studied for its humongous execution and pipeline. A reporter recently asked Rajamouli, If he was upset by Baahubali, not being nominated for an Oscar, the director said “Awards mean very little to me. I measure my success in Box Office collections and accolades from the audience.”

On his 45th Birthday, Movie Pazes wishes the ace director a very happy birthday and all the more success in his onward journey.

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