Critically acclaimed Telugu Movies of 2017

After the consecutive successful years of 2015 and 2016, Tollywood is right on target in 2017 as well. Tollywood has produced an average 200 films this year and most of them were hits. The Industry has seen some - out of the box concepts along with soul-stirring emotional entertainers. This is a retrospective of 2017 - a year in review for Tollywood’s Most Critically acclaimed Movies.

Baahubali 2 - Technological Pioneer

Director - S.S.Rajamouli

Production House - Arka Media Works

Star Cast - Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah, Nasser, Ramya Krishna, Subba Raju, Sathya Raj 

Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion, opened amidst huge expectations from the fans, as the first part (released in 2015) was a unanimous hit. The film exceeded the audience’s expectations in both its content and performance. The movie used some of the most sophisticated technological advancements like ‘4k blow up’. The film’s major VFX partner Makuta Studios itself has generated an approximate 110 - 115 Terra-bytes of data (a normal film uses up to 8 - 15 terra bytes!). Bahubali 2 was also the first Indian film to be projected in 4k! Built on a budget of 250 crores, the movie exceed the budget by 500% and collected a whopping 1706 crores worldwide so far and is yet to release in China and other countries which will add up to the collections. The impact of this box office invasion was so huge that a film’s collections are now stated as Non - Bahubali record!

Eminent Indian film and political personalities including Sekhar Kapur, Rajnikanth, Mahesh Bhatt, Dhanush and Nara Lokesh praised Rajamouli’s commitment and vision in building the world of Bahubali 2. Bahubali 2 defied all the limitations set forth by the Indian film Industry and emerged as the highest grossing Indian film of all time. The film might soon acquire the top spot in terms of global collections for an Indian film. The film’s spectacular use of setting, colour and CGI blended perfectly with the gripping story line and performances. Together, Rajamouli and his team of 800 plus technicians have created Modern Indian Masterpiece in the year 2017.

Arjun Reddy - Bold is the new norm

Director - Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Production House - Bhadrakali Pictures

Star cast - Vijay Devarakonda, Shalini Pandey, Sanjay Swaroop, Amit Sharma, Jia Sharma, Rahul Rama Krishna, Kanchana, Kamal Kamaraju 

Arjun Reddy raised the bar with its first teaser itself and with the infamous dialogue ‘Em matladtunnavraa …..’. Though, made mostly by a team of debutants , Arjun Reddy was no less than a star flick in gaining the necessary promotions. Produced by his own elder brother Pranay Reddy Vanga, the film was made on a stringent budget of just 4 crores and raked the profits by 1150% (11 times the budget) by collecting 50 crores worldwide. You can imagine the amount of hype the movie has accumulated, when the film is going to be remade in Tamil and Hindi languages!

Arjun Reddy won a great critical acclaim for its bold content, gripping screenplay and artist’s performances. Vijay Devarakonda absolutely got inside the skin of Arjun Reddy’s character and carried the film on his shoulders. Actress Shalini Pandey and Vijay’s chemistry worked wonders for the film and merged the line between fiction and reality. Vijay’s transformation through out the story arc from a top class Medical surgeon to a love-struck Romeo and a depressed youth has gripped the audiences and brought repeat value for the film.

The Ghazi Attack - Sailing into the unknown

Director - Sankalp Reddy

Production house - PVP Cinema and Matinee Entertainments

Star cast - Rana Daggubati, Atul Kulkarni, Tapsee, Om Puri, Nassar, Kay Kay Menon, Rahul Singh 

Helmed by debut director Sankalp Reddy, The Ghazi Attack was a war film that turned several heads across the nation. Firstly, this was the first Indian under water film to be made. Based on a complicated plot line of missing Pakistan submarine The Ghazi, that was sunk on 4th December 1971. While the history of the event is complicated enough, the film dealt a smart hand with out a hassle. Director Sankalp Reddy was praised for his smart screenplay and bold venture by many. Just like the submarine itself, the film sailed off into uncharted waters but emerged a winner among the most critically acclaimed films of 2017.

The Ghazi attack was made on a budget of 15 crores and blew up the profits twice by collecting 35.5 crores worldwide.

PSV Garuda Vega - An action thriller we deserved

Director - Praveen Sattaru

Production house - Shivani Shivatmika Movies

Star Cast - Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Kishore, Pooja Kumar, Shraddha Das, Posani Krishna Murali, Shiyaji Shinde, Sunny Leone